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IES Photometric  
Test Results  

Due to the size of the test results, they are separated into individual pages for each light fixture. Select (click on) the model number to see the photometric test results.

Fixture Model Number IES Photometrics IES Test Report
(20k each)
Raw IES Test Data
(2k each)
LF250 SM-DR-MH Metal Halide lf250mh-c8642.pdf lf250mh-c8642.ies
LF400 SM-DR-MH Metal Halide lf400mh-c8643.pdf lf400mh-c8643.ies
LF400 SM-DR-HPS High Pressure Sodium lf400hps-c8742.pdf lf400hps-c8742.ies
LF600 SM-DR-HPS High Pressure Sodium lf600hps-c8852.pdf lf600hps-c8852.ies
(with pinhead obscure glass)
Metal Halide lf1000mh-pinhead-c8901.pdf lf1000-pinhead-c8901.ies
LF1000 SM-DR-HPS High Pressure Sodium lf1000hps-c8641.pdf lf1000hps-c8641.ies

View more information on Bell Lighting testing procedures.

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