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Images Furniture  
Langley, British Columbia  

A 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility

Original configuration:

  • 175 x 400w Metal Halide parabolic fixtures (manufacturer not available)
  • Light readings not available.
  • Energy consumption of 70 kilowatts
  • Extensive shadowing throughout facility.

The facility was retrofitted with Bell Lighting Technologies Inc. fixtures

  • 40 x BL LF1000w Metal Halide fixtures
  • Light readings not available.
  • Energy consumption of 40 kilowatts (a reduction of 42.8%).
  • The Bell Lighting fixtures provided far greater coverage, with minimal shadowing.

The reduced energy consumption resulted in an annual saving of $16,000. A further saving of $20,000 in capital costs was realized through the reduced labour and materials requirements for the installation of 135 fewer fixtures. The reduced labour and materials costs will provide ongoing savings in maintenance.

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